What we do

MIGw GBAV Overview v1.0Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has a central mission: to reduce harm and to rebuild lives affected by armed violence.

We do this by carrying out programmatic, research and advocacy work to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.

The number of fatalities from armed violence is estimated to be over half a million people killed every year. Around two thirds of these violent deaths are estimated to occur outside conflict situations.

Poorer countries are particularly badly affected.

One of the main pillars of our work is that we monitor the impact of explosive weapons around the world and investigate what causes armed violence – from guns to suicide bombings. For more, please view our work on researching weapons.

We also carry out programmatic work assisting victims in areas deeply impacted by armed violence, as well as supporting communities in finding their way out of the situations that armed violence often creates. We are particularly active in Burundi.

Public support is vital to AOAV. Please donate.