Latest Explosive Violence Monitor updates

Since 2011, AOAV has been recording the global harm wrought by explosive weapons on civilians. Through monitoring English language media reports, we demonstrate consistent patterns of harm arising from the use of explosive violence, in particular their effects on civilian populations. These reports are issued annually with monthly updates.

Latest Manufactured Explosive Weapons news

From cluster munitions to Grad rockets, the use of manufactured explosive weapons by states (and increasingly non-state actors) has had devastating impacts on civilians the world over. When planes drop bombs or artillery lets loose on populated areas, the vast majority of those killed and injured will invariably be civilians. AOAV seeks to catalogue the harm such use of force brings, and offers insight into how states can reduce the impact of such weapon use.

Latest Improvised Explosive Device (IED) news

Over 50% of civilians killed or injured by explosive weapons in recent years have been the victims of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Almost exclusively used by non-state actors such as ISIS or the Taliban, IEDs have devastating impact on the lives of civilians the world over. From car bombs to suicide vests, road-side IEDS to booby-traps, AOAV seeks to identify the drivers and consequences of the use of such pernicious weapons.

Latest Gun news

There are almost a billion guns on the planet and about 12 billion bullets are estimated produced every single year. Such huge figures have huge consequences – small arms kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Here AOAV attempts to understand the harm wrought by guns, and offer tangible solutions in how to reduce the gun’s bloody impact on innocent lives.