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Explosive Violence Monitor: 2011

In Monitoring Explosive Violence: the EVMP dataset 2011, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) looks back at the data it has gathered from the global reporting of explosive violence from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011. 

In total the EVMP recorded 30,127 people who were killed or injured by explosive weapons use in 2,522 incidents.16 The majority (71%) of these casualties were reported as civilians. Incidents of explosive violence were reported on an almost daily basis in news sources around the world. Every month, an average of 2,511 people were recorded killed or injured by explosive weapons. 

The full report is available for download here:  Explosive Violence Monitor 2011

Key findings

  • were civilians. The data gathered from news sources reporting on incidents of explosive violence shows that at least 21,499 civilians were reported killed or injured by explosive weapons in 2011. Overall, 71% of all casualties of explosive weapons were civilians.
  • More than 18,000 civilian casualties were recorded in populated areas. Of all the civilian casualties that were recorded throughout the year, 87% occurred in populated areas. Of all the casualties that were recorded in populated areas, 84% were civilians. 
  • Of all recorded incidents of explosive weapons use in the EVMP dataset, IEDs were responsible for the majority of all recorded civilian casualties from explosive violence in 2011 (61%). 
  • Across all locations of use, the percentage of IED casualties who were civilians was 76%, a scale of harm that was comparable with the percentage of civilian casualties caused by many manufactured weapons such as mortars (90%), rockets (69%), and grenades (86%). 
  • 79% of all incidents of the use of manufactured explosive weapons in populated areas were ground-launched, compared to 20% identified as air-delivered.
  • Explosive violence was geographically widespread but particularly intense in certain countries and conflicts. While incidents were recorded in 68 countries and territories, in 27 of those there was one recorded incident. The top five countries with the highest reported civilian casualties from explosive violence recorded by the EVMP (Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, and Somalia) incurred 71% of all recorded civilian casualties.

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