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An Eye on Violence: who is keeping a watch on armed violence

There are powerful arguments supporting the monitoring of violence around the world.

The current situation in Syria is kept on the front pages in part because journalists are able to report on the terrible numbers impacted by the ongoing civil war. In the Balkans, post-conflict resolution was often only possible because of comprehensive attempts to monitor the wars of the region.  And in Iraq, as elsewhere, the recording of the dead has helped inform programmes aimed at reducing levels of violence.

But who is counting the cost of violence around the world?  What observatories are operating and where?  AOAV has put together this interactive map of the main players out there monitoring violence and crime in different nations, who provide public access to their information, to tell you just that.

We hope you find it of use, and that you can share it with others.


This map shows examples of monitoring systems and observatories on violence and crime with public access to information. (Red pins: countries where violence is being monitored.)