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AOAV highlighted in UN’s 2012 Year in Review

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With over 110,000 personnel serving in around 30 peacekeeping and political missions in 2012, the UN’s peace operations are one of the most visible undertakings of this global organisation.

And AOAV is proud to be part of it.  The 2012 Year in Review of their Peace Operations highlights our work with the UN in Western Sahara.

The review states:

The MACC works in partnership with an international nongovernmental organisation, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), and a commercial contractor, Mechem, to survey and clear tracks for routes for UNMO patrols on the east side of the berm. Survey and clearance activities ultimately serve to facilitate the monitoring of the parties’ compliance to the ceasefire as UNMOs conduct an average of 700 ground patrols covering 100,000 km of routes per month on both sides of the berm.

The training and technical assistance that the MACC and its partners provide ensures that UNMOs safely perform their duties. “The MACC continuously shares information, helping UNMOs to avoid suspected mined areas and conduct operations in a safe manner. AOAV is also an excellent support for demining activities as they clear minefields and dangerous areas in order to help the civilians of Western Sahara”, says Major Amador. And, he adds “the job is not easy, but the final, the most important task is for UNMOs to help the population.”

Through survey and clearance along with the provision of training and landmine/ ERW threat data, the MACC continues to support the important work of UNMOs like Major Amador to help advance de-mining activities in Western Sahara, which are a centrepiece of MINURSO’s mandate.

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