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In focus: Wim Zwijnenburg, Policy Advisor Security & Disarmament at IKV Pax Christi

Wim Zwijnenburg, Policy Advisor for Security & Disarmament at IKV Pax Christi, explains the Dutch civil society organisation’s role in armed violence reduction.

What is IKV Pax Christi?

IKV Pax Christi has a sixty-year history in peace work. In 2007 it combined the strengths of the Dutch Interchurch Peace Council (IKV, 1966) and Pax Christi Netherlands (1948, a member of Pax Christi International). IKV Pax Christi’s main office is in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The organisation operates in 15 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South-eastern Europe and the Caucasus. It starts up and supports local peace initiatives and mobilise moral, political and financial support for these in our own society.

In conflict areas, IKV Pax Christi works with local partners on political solutions to end conflicts and improve human security. Political analysis, networking and peace activities are carried out jointly. IKV Pax Christi also provides financial support.

IKV Pax Christi carries out research on topics in the field of peace and security. Best practise studies help to improve its peace work. Other research analyses political development and the role of actors in war and peace. Findings can be a starting point for lobbying activities.

In the Netherlands, Europe and the international level, IKV Pax Christi mobilises moral, political and financial support for peace efforts in conflict areas. With lobbying and advocacy campaigns IKV Pax Christi promotes public and political discussions to influence decision makers to act for peace.