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Empowering the victims. Access to justice.

The Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP) and the Red de Sobrevivientes y Personas con Discapacidades (members of SEHLAC), with the support of Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), have launched a new project: “Empoderando Víctimas. Acceso a Justicia.”

It means ‘Empowering the victims.  Access to justice’.

María Pía Devoto, the Coordinator of the SEHLAC network said “With this project we hope to contribute to the full enjoyment of their rights by the victims of armed violence; in particular, we want to provide information regarding access to justice”.  

Daniela Portino, the author of the document, said: “in some countries the reality of the victim of armed violence, as a specific individual, urges us to propose public policies of importance to the real and effective recognition of their rights.”

For victims of armed violence, their story does not end with the pulling of a trigger or the exploding of a bomb.  Their future, and their families’ future, is often deeply and traumatically altered in the face of trauma.

The role of the State is crucial in this future, and this report seeks to examine how the State behaves towards them both before and after their status as victims has been recognised by that State, with a particular focus on the capital cities of Argentina and El Salvador.

With this in mind, the document analyzes the journeys followed by victims from the moment the incident occurred until they meet for the first time the social assistance institutions and the judicial institutions.  The document also explores the quality of care given.

The project concludes with recommendations focused on reinforcing and incorporating public policies concerning the right of the victims to access justice in the broader sense.

To download the document in Spanish :  Empoderando a las Víctimas. Acceso a Justicia