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Geneva Declaration: Call for Civil Society Expression of Interest

The Geneva Declaration Secretariat, in collaboration with the Global Alliance on Armed Violence, seeks to find civil society representatives working to prevent and reduce armed violence in countries across Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia, who are interested in attending the Geneva Declaration Regional Review Conference (RRC), which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 8-10 July, 2014.

This Call for Civil Society Expression of Interest aims to identify a diverse pool of civil society participants for limited spaces at the conference. Applications must be received by 15 June 2014.
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The Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development (GD) is an initiative that supports states and civil society actors to achieve measurable reductions in the global burden of armed violence by 2015 and beyond.

Review Conferences provide opportunities to assess progress in the process and implementation of the Geneva Declaration, to highlight the armed violence reduction and prevention agenda, and to build political momentum behind the core objectives of the GD. Ministerial Review Conferences were held in Geneva in 2008 and in 2011.

The UN General Assembly will decide upon a new development framework in 2015, to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The nature of the Geneva Declaration’s future direction depends largely on the composition of this new development framework. For this reason, during 2014, a series of Regional Review Conferences (RRCs) will be held to not only review the implementation process of the Geneva Declaration, but to also gather support for the meaningful integration of armed violence reduction in national and international development processes, including the post-2015 development agenda.
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Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence & Development

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