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In focus: Alexander Galvez, Head of Transitions Foundation

Gun violence survivor and Head of Transitions Foundation, Alexander Galvez, talks about his organisation’s priorities.

[Video in Spanish]


My name is Alexander Galvez and I am the director of “Transiciones”, an organisation run by survivors of violence in Antigua, Guatemala. I am also a survivor of gun violence and the coordinator of the IANSA victims network.

For us is very important to have the chance to share our experiences in the Regional Review Conference of the Geneva Declaration.

Our organisation offers various services to survivors of armed violence, for example helping them reintegrating society, physical and psychological support etc. Advocacy is a very important aspect of our work. It helps us highlighting the health issues and the discrimination that affect survivors.

All the work we are doing is supported by international partners. It is very important to underline this fact, without their support we would not be able to do what we do. This partnership is also key in that it allows survivors to participate in international meetings and therefore to represent others in the same situation that do not have this chance.

Governments need to comply with their obligations towards the victims of armed violence because to-date they have not done so yet. Our governments need to understand that they are not doing us a favour but that it is their obligation to support every person affected by armed violence.

These regional meetings are a key opportunity to reflect on the situation of the victims of armed violence and to call on states to act in such a way that it will positively change the life of survivors and people affected by any type of violence.


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