Gun violenceGuns: 15 mass shootings that changed the law

15 shootings that changed the law: about this project

AOAV reviewed publicly available news and legal databases for information about global mass shootings for this project. This list of shootings is intended to be illustrative rather than exhaustive.

For the purposes of this project, we define a mass shooting as a singular incident outside a recognised conflict zone in which at least two people are killed by intentional gunfire. By legal change, we mean changes in state and national law which were linked explicitly by relevant lawmakers to the shooting in question.

This project should not be understood as an endorsement of any particular law or set of policies.

Primary research for this project was carried out by Armeghan Taheri, Miranda Murphy and Jane Hunter.

AOAV is additionally indebted to Marcus Wilson of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction and Philip Alpers of for their assistance in reviewing this project. Any errors are ours.

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