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Video: the impact of explosive weapons in populated areas

Action on Armed Violence has produced this video on the impact of explosive violence in populated areas.  Please share with your colleagues and friends.

Since 2011 Action on Armed Violence has been recording the daily impact of bombs, rockets and shells around the world. Our findings have been stark.

In three years explosive weapons have killed and injured over 100,000 people. And 78% of these affected were civilians. It’s also a growing problem. Our data saw a 70% global increase in the number of civilian casualties from improvised explosive devices. We saw suicide attacks climbing by over a third, impacting 26 countries. And we clearly saw that whenever explosive weapons are used in populated areas, civilians are the most hurt.

When manufactured weapons like rockets or artillery shells hit populated areas, 9 out of 10 of all casualties are civilians. When used in other less populated areas this ratio drops to less than one in four.

And while half of all civilians casualties were in Iraq and Syria, this is a global problem. We recorded the deaths or injuries from explosive weapons in 66 countries. It’s a horror that must stop.

We at Action on Armed Violence seek to end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Please, follow our campaign. Please, share this video.