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The Violent Road: Overview by region and state in Nigeria

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Overview by region and state

A national overview of armed violence in Nigeria masks important regional and geographic variation in the types, perpetrators, victims and drivers of armed violence in this extremely diverse country.

The data reveals the extremely high rates of political violence in Borno, Lagos, Rivers and Plateau States, and the relatively high rate of civilian targeting in political violence incidents in the Northern and Middle Belt regions in particular.

In addition to important differences in the types of violence witnessed in distinct geographic areas, there are also significant variations in the levels of violence and conflict-related fatalities.

For instance, Borno witnesses high levels of both political violence and associated fatalities; Imo, Adamawa and Bauchi all experience relatively lower levels of both. Kano’s conflict profile is shaped by relatively few incidents of political violence, but extremely intense and deadly attacks when they occur; Plateau is similar. Lagos and Rivers witness very high levels of political violence, but typically of a lower-intensity with fewer reported fatalities.

Taken together, this data facilitates an understanding of the extent of insecurity, and the intensity and levels of vulnerability to violence experienced by populations across the country.

The following regions and states are reviewed: