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“The worst crimes you can imagine.” New video on sexual violence in conflict

A harrowing video, released by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, shows the horrors of rape and sexual violence in conflict. The video has been released in advance of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, which will be held in London next week. It shows the physical and psychological harms which can be caused by sexual violence in conflict, and the importance of ending the culture of impunity which currently surrounds the crimes. AOAV will be attending the Summit next week. We will be focusing primarily on the following issues:

  • The lack of reliable data on the extent of rape and sexual violence in conflict and non-conflict situations;
  • The importance of including male victims and survivors in any provision of assistance in recovery;
  • The importance of considering rape and sexual violence in situations of armed violence which are not defined as conflicts;
  • Access to services for recovery and toward enjoyment of human rights for victims and survivors.

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