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AOAV cited in Telegraph article: ‘Paris attacks show why Europe needs to clean out its weapons-smuggling black holes’

Action on Armed Violence’s Director of Policy and Investigations was cited in an article by the Telegraph about the challenges that Europe faces with gun control.

Talking about how gun control actually works, Overton supported the line that a combination of strict gun controls in the wake of the Hungerford massacre and easily-policed island borders make it hard to buy any kind of firearm illegally.

As the article stated:

“The proof is on display every time that Scotland Yard parades a stash of firearms confiscated from some underworld arms dealer, which often turns out to be a collection of semi-antique World War II pistols, elderly sawn-off shotguns, and the odd converted blank firing pistol.

“We see very few AK-47s in Britain,” says Iain Overton, of the London-based charity Action on Armed Violence. “And they are usually deactivated – I can only remember one occasion where one was actually used in an incident.””

The article can be read here.