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Critical Solutions International (CSI)

CSI_logoLocation: 2284 Clements Ferry Rd, Suite A, Charleston SC, 29492 USA


Type: Private company, providing C-IED technology and solutions globally.

Critical Solutions International (CSI) was founded in 1999, and provides counter-IED technology and platforms “that detect and mitigate evolving threats for security forces worldwide.” CSI is contracted by bodies such as the US Department of Defense to provide solutions to contemporary security concerns, including IEDs in theatre. It can provide solutions to detect and analyse threats, mitigate threats, and to train and support deployed personnel to “sustain operations and discover future threats.”

According to their website, CSI has ‘combat proven solutions’ that:

  • Detect and analyse threats;
  • Mitigate threats with multiple platforms;
  • Train and support deployed personnel to sustain operations and discover future threats.

One of the key developments of CSI is the Husky: “the most survivable vehicle on the battlefield.” The radar and sensor systems on these vehicles are reported to be “the world’s best for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection.” CSI provides vehicle platforms that can be configured according to a particular mission, and these have been extensively deployed throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. The organisation is a world leader in “design, development and integration.”

In recognition that missions were required to be longer, with more advanced detection systems, CSI developed the two-operator Husky 2G. This vehicle has the same protections, providing the same survivability as the original Husky, but has been adapted to meet the developing IED threat. In 2011, the design of the Husky 2G was recognised as one the US Army’s Top Ten Inventions of 2011.

An additional vehicle to be developed by CSI is ‘the Mountain Lion,’ a High Mobility Tactical Vehicle. It is an armoured vehicle, able to be adapted and fulfil multiple roles on the battlefield. It simultaneously enhances the mobility of combat forces while “ensuring crew survivability.” The Mountain Lion has been recognised to be ideally suited for peacekeeping, emergency response, and policing operations.

In addition to larger C-IED vehicles, CSI has developed smaller mechanisms for IED clearance, including the Bandolier Lightweight Clearing Charge. The Bandolier is very versatile so as to meet virtually any mission requirement, and is light enough for dismounted operations. The clearance capabilities developed by CSI have been indispensable for armed forces operating to try to counter IEDs and carry out EOD operations.

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