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UNICEF UK calls for British government to lead the way on a global political commitment not to use explosive weapons in populated areas

UNICEF UK today published a report entitled ‘Keeping Children Safe in Emergencies‘. It has a section highlighted on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas that, in line with AOAV’s own position, states:

When explosive weapons with wide area effects are used in populated areas, the impacts on civilians, including children, are devastating. In recent years, international recognition of this as a fundamental humanitarian issue has grown and momentum is now building to address it. The UN Secretary-General and more than 40 states have raised concern about this practice. A number of expert meetings have brought together states, UN agencies and civil society to discuss the potential for a political commitment to heighten civilian protection from this practice. The UK should actively participate in these current global efforts. More widely, all parties to conflicts globally must stop the use of these weapons in populated areas due to the predictable harm caused to civilians through death, injury and damage to vital infrastructure.

UNICEF’s recommendations on this also echo AOAV’s position on political response:

The UK should engage with other states, UN agencies and civil society on the development of a political commitment on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

The report can be read here.