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Latest ISIS video seems to show prisoner forced to drive suicide car bomb

A new Islamic State video has surfaced that purports to show not only the execution of five ‘British spies’, but also a shot of a man handcuffed to steering wheel.

The 10-minute video features a masked man with a British accent who calls the video “a message to David Cameron.”

After the executions were shown the video ended with a shot of the inside of a car – where a man, wearing an orange jumpsuit commonly used in such executions – was shown handcuffed and, briefly, being pulled by his hair.  The sequence also included an aerial map with a pin in it – the possible target of an attack.

The sequence raises the possibility that ISIS is also killing prisoners by using them as drivers in car bomb attacks (VBIEDs).  Previous victims of terror attacks involving victim delivered improvised explosive devices have included children and those with learning difficulties.