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At least 6,100 civilians reported harmed by explosive weapons in Yemen in 2015

In Yemen in 2015, civilians made up 81% of all deaths and injuries in Yemen from explosive weapons; a figure that jumped to 93% when these weapons were used in populated areas.

Reflecting this, Action on Armed Violence welcomes the European Parliament’s call to ban arms sales to the belligerents in Yemen’s conflict. The resolution called for an EU-wide arms embargo against the country, until alleged breaches of international humanitarian law in Yemen have been investigated.

In 2015, AOAV recorded more civilian deaths and injuries reported from explosive weapons in Yemen than in any other country around the world. These reports came from English-language media reports and may under-estimate the real harm.

During that period, using English-language media reports, AOAV recorded 6,119 civilian deaths and injuries from explosive weapons in Yemen. In total, there were 7,514 deaths and injuries from explosive weapons.

In areas reported as populated there were 5,256 civilian deaths and injuries, out of 5,653 total (93%).

There were 863 civilian deaths and injuries in areas not reported as populated, out of 1,861 total (46%).

In January, 2016, there were a reported 303 civilians killed or injured in Yemen, out of a total 403 fatalities and injuries.

In March 2015, a complex and long-running crisis in Yemen rapidly escalated into all-out conflict, with extensive fighting on the ground, and aerial bombing carried out by a coalition of state actors.

Supporting such terrible figures in February, 2016 UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien told the Security Council that at least 2,997 civilians had been killed in the Yemeni conflict since March 2015, including some 700 children. The United Nations also confirmed that 5,659 of those injured were civilians.