An Anatomy of a Grad AttackExplosive violence in Ukraine

Video: a memorial to the victims of Mariupol, Ukraine – January 2015

This report is part of a series of case studies that make up an analysis of the wide area effects of certain explosive weapons and the concern about their use in populated areas.  The report – Wide Area Effects – can be read here. A video of Grad rocket use can be seen here. An infographic covering this form of weapon can be seen here. A map of the strikes can be seen here

The following short film is a tribute to the children, women and men who were killed in a Grad rocket attack on a suburban district of Mariupol in Eastern Ukraine, in January, 2015. It is testimony to the terrible harm wrought by explosive weapons with wide area effects when used in populated areas.  When such weapons are used in populated areas AOAV’s data shows consistently the vast majority (often in excess of 90%) are civilians.  This was all too true in this case.

Warning – this video contains distressing images.