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Air-Launched Explosive Weapons

Trends and patterns:

Over the five-years (2011-2015), AOAV recorded 2,362 incidents of air-launched weapons being used globally. These air strikes caused at least 35,976 reported deaths and injuries of which 21,280 (59%) were civilians.

The number of civilians killed or injured by air-launched explosive weapons has quintupled in the last five years. While there were 1,743 casualties of airstrikes in 2011, the number soared up to 9,200 in 2015.

The countries worst-affected by air-dropped weapons in the last five years were Syria (10,065 civilians killed or injured) Yemen (4,195) and Gaza (2,828). Accordingly, AOAV’s data points to the fact that Russia, the Syrian government, the Saudi-led coalition and Israel were the worst offenders for civilian harm from air-dropped weapons globally between 2011 and 2015.

Update 2016:

There have been 12,542 deaths and injuries, of which 58% (7,343) were civilians.

The top 5 most impacted states according to civilian deaths and injuries were: Syria (4,675); Yemen (1,344); ROC (600); Iraq (486); and Libya (88).

When used in populated areas 94% of deaths and injuries were civilians.

In this period, Air-Launched weapons were responsible for 31% of civilian deaths and injuries.

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When air-launched explosive weapons were used in populated areas in 2016 (Jan-Oct) 94% of deaths/injuries were civilians

The top 4 most impacted states in 2016 (Jan-Oct) according to civilian deaths and injuries were: #Syria #Yemen, #Iraq and #Libya

In 2016 (Jan-Oct), there were over 12,500 deaths and injuries as the result of air-launched weapons, of which 58% were civilians