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Al Wefaq

Location: Bahrain


Type: Civil society

Al Wefaq was the National Islamic Society of Bahrain and the largest political society in the country. They were a pro-democracy movement that was closed by the Bahraini government in June 2016.

Though they were closed on charges of supporting sectarianism and terrorism, they have consistently condemned terrorist attacks and expressed hopes for peace globally.[i] Given their influence in Bahrain, particularly among youths their encouragement of peaceful protest and dissent is likely to have stemmed some political violence and curbed radicalisation.

Their dissolution however may not.

They acted in a similar fashion to the Islamic Scholars Council, who too were prominent among the Shiite population who looked to the scholars for guidance. In January 2014 the Administrative Court ordered the Council to dissolve. Despite that many felt this was an attack on their religious freedom, the Council still stressed ‘the need to reject violence, extremism and terrorism’.[ii]

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