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Bahrain Public Security Forces counter-terrorism units

Location: Manama


Type: Police

Bahrain faces high levels of IED violence. As such counter-terrorism units have been known to intercept potential perpetrators before they carry out attacks and have confiscated many explosives and explosive materials.

Many of the intercepted terrorist cells are believed by the government to have links to other terrorist organisations in Lebanon and Iran.

The Bahrain counter-terrorism officials often cooperate with those of other states, such as the UK in order to share information and expertise that can contribute to the wider fight against terrorism. Bahrain particularly appreciate engaging with those of developed countries to improve their counter-terrorism operations and performance.

The Bahrain counter-terrorism units have dogs trained in bomb detection.

However, counter-terrorism units in Bahrain have come under criticism due to the use of counter-terrorism measures against children, including life imprisonment. Counter-terrorism measures have also been used very widely, with pro-democracy activists often facing charges under counter-terrorism legislation.


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