US Department of Defence arms contracts

DoD Spend on Small Arms to Afghanistan Revealed: ASFF purchases report

The ASFF purchases document can be found on the Federation of American Scientists webpage. This document appears to record all sales that are part of the Afghan Security Forces Fund. It records all sales, such as construction equipment, automotive parts, technical assistance, communication devices, as well as weaponry including small arms.

The weaponry and ammunition that is specifically ‘small arms’ is not always clear; some sales are labelled ammunition, whilst others are ‘small arms’, or more specifically, ‘7.62mm cartridges’, or ‘M249 machine gun’. For the purpose of this research, only those sales which were certainly small arms were recorded.

AOAV’s ASFF purchases dataset, when completed, recorded 168,917 small arms between 2006-2010. It recorded a spend of $ 282,925,146 in these four years alone on small arms, plus an additional $ 240,017,326 on small arms ammunition (sheet 2 of the dataset). Together that totals $ 522,942,472 for ASFF small arms purchases between 2006-2010.

Miscellaneous small arms accounted for 24 % of the total expenditure on small arms not including ammunition ($ 67,898,880), Machine guns accounted for  35% ($ 98,269,592), Rifles for 38% ($ 106,211,038), pistols 3% ($ 8,772,223), and shotguns barely 1% ($ 1,773,413).

The units for each were not always available, which accounts for the low number of guns recorded despite the height of the total expenditure. The figures were often just not available. Of the 168,917 that were able to be recorded, 16,440 were machine guns, 120,213 were rifles, 22,329 were pistols, and 5,415 were shotguns. 

The miscellaneous small arms were often recorded as non-standard, so many indicate PKM or RPK machine guns.