US Department of Defence arms contracts

DoD Spending on Small Arms to Iraq Revealed: 2006 SIGIR Report

This report is part of AOAV’s investigation into the DoD’s small arms expenditure during the War on Terror. Our research found many discrepancies between the contracts published on the DoD’s website and those found on the Federal Procurement Database System- research that can be read here. For information on what a small arm is, please see here. To understand more about US DoD contracts visit here. The investigation also included an examination of US expenditure for small arms for Iraq, which can be read here, and Afghanistan, see here.

2006 SIGIR report 

The report published by the Special Inspector General for Iraq reconstruction found that “only around 10% of 370,000 IRRF-funded weapons, or around 2.7%, may have been registered in the DoD Registry of the Small Arms Serialisation Program.”

The report found that 13,180 Glock pistols were missing, a figure that would fetch around $40 million USD on the black market. This figure later grew to 80,000 missing pistols, as well as 751 AR-M1F assault rifles and 99 MP5 machine guns. Estimates from Turkish security officials at the time stated that between 2004 and 2007, 20,000 US-bought Glock pistols were brought into the country from Iraq.

It should be noted that reporting standards have significant improved since the publishing of the GAO and SIGIR reports; extensive serialisation processes and records, as well as biometric identification systems and harsh penalty fines for arms losses or discrepancies were put in place in the years following.


For the data on 14 years of DoD contracts for small arms, ammunition and attachments, please go here.