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Every Casualty publishes Standards for Casualty Recording

every-casualtyOn November 23rd 2016, after their launch event in Geneva, Every Casualty published the Standards for Casualty Recording.

Every Casualty is a London-based NGO that aims to advance education and research for casualty recording, as they seek to give a face to the often nameless victims of armed violence. Such personalisation of the dead can help families and communities heal and rebuild.

However, there is often danger involved in casualty recording of this kind and Every Casualty seeks to address the difficulties that may be presented conducting such work.

As a member of the Casualty Recorders Network, AOAV, were part of the review process for the new report and welcome the publication of these standards.

The standards have been developed over the last three years and build upon existing guidelines for casualty recording. The standards support the work of many NGOs and other casualty recorders. They encourage good practice and quality recording.

The main areas of the report, explore organisational transparency, methodology, definitions and categorisation, security, and publication and sharing.

The international launch was hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva on November 23rd 2016, and the first launch with a national focus will be at King’s College, London on December 8th.

To read the full publication please see here.