Explosive Violence Monthly Reports

Explosive violence in July 2016

In July 2016 AOAV recorded 4,098 deaths and injuries, of whom 3,149 (77%) were civilians.

July saw an increase in level of reported civilian harm from the previous month. Last month civilians accounted for 62% of the 4,082 deaths and injuries from explosive violence.

Syria remained the worst impacted country for the fourth month running after the brief respite in March despite the many ceasefire violations. The explosive violence in Syria recently has continued unrelenting. AOAV recorded a 34% increase in civilian deaths and injuries between June and July 2016.

After a dip in levels of explosive violence in Iraq during June, possibly due to ISIS’ loss of ground, there has been a 213% increase in civilian deaths and injuries in Iraq from June to July. This sees Iraq’s levels of explosive violence return to those of previous months. Though, almost 500 of the deaths and injuries recorded in Iraq in July were from the ISIS truck bombing in a commercial area in Baghdad, on July 3rd. The attack was the deadliest Iraq has seen since 2007.

Afghanistan too saw a rise in explosive harm and like Iraq most deaths and injuries from explosive violence seen in Afghanistan this month were from one event caused by ISIS. The suicide bombing on July 23rd was responsible for over 300 deaths and injuries. The attack was one of the most lethal IED attacks Afghanistan has seen. The attack targeted the ethnic Hazara community.

Both Yemen and Somalia continue to see similar levels of explosive violence.