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Improvised Threat Management (ITM)

itmLocation: Indianapolis


Type: Private

Improvised Threat Management specializes in replicating anti-personnel/anti-tank improvised explosive devices (Victim Operated, Command Operated, Time Operated, Custom, and WMD) and other explosive hazards encountered today.

ITM aim to provide quality training aids to support a wide-variety of operations encountered in conflict areas. Products provided will be focused to the needs of each operation or training objective. ITM provides products and services to ensure operational depth and versatility through a mix of fully integrated seasoned experts.

Moving forward, ITM’s team of professionals will provide first-rate training, professional military education, and a world-class technology based learning environment for military, as well as civilian force.

Their military training courses include:

  • C-IED Awareness
  • Electronics courses (tailored to expertise)
  • Post blast/site exploitation
  • Homemade explosives
  • Remote IED render safe
  • X-ray operator
  • Search and identification
  • Threat assessment

Civilian courses include:

  • IED awareness
  • Search procedures
  • Bomb threat management
  • Security awareness
  • Suspect vehicles
  • Threat assessment
  • Counter-terrorism awareness
  • Opposition force
  • Security threats for large events

They can also provide custom training tailored to the requirement of the military or civilian (ie. security personnel) client.

Improvised Threat Management also provides consulting services to help support mission readiness and execution.

ITM is said to have the ability to support the Departments of Defense, Justice, and State; Homeland Security; the Intelligence Community; state and local agencies; allied nations; and the private sector.

This profile is part of AOAV’s investigation into counter-IED (C-IED) actors around the globe. To see the list of all C-IED actors recorded by AOAV, see here. To see those engaged in the Middle East, the Sahel, North Africa or other highly impacted countries please see here, here, here, and here respectively. This research was made possible by funding from the NATO Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Centre of Excellence (C-IED COE). To read the full report, ‘Addressing the threat posed by IEDs: National, Regional and Global Initiatives’, see here.