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Jordan mortar attacks – case study 10 – Hassa Zaid Hassan Drabseh

Case study 10 – Hassa Zaid Hassan Drabseh – 28th July, 2015

At 1.40 pm on the 28th July, 2015, a mortar from the southwest hit the home of Hassa Zaid Hassan Drabseh. It pierced the first floor window, sending shrapnel to spread through the home. While there was not major damage to the home, the mother who was present at the time, cooking in the kitchen, was the most affected. Fatima Qasim ‘Bani Melhem’ said that ‘I’ve been finding it hard to sleep since it happened. I fear another mortar will hit our home whenever my head hits my pillow. My grandchildren and even my children are afraid so close has death come to us. The border is just a few kilometres away so it feels we are living in a war. It’s not just us, it’s everyone.’

The home is situated at GPS 32.64, 35.98886.

The home is about 2.3 kilometres from the Syrian border.

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Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh wife

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh’s wife still suffers nightmares and panic attacks.

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh's home

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh’s home


The shell penetrated the wall above the kitchen doorway – now plastered over.

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh - shell on floor

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh – shell on floor

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh damage

Hassan Zaid Hassan Drabseh – photographic evidence of shell damage