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Jordan mortar attacks – case study 12 – Ahmad Mohammad Nahar Khaz’ali

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 16.37.27At 4pm on May 15th, 2015 a mortar struck a field owned by Ahmad Mohammad Nahar Khaz’ali about 500 metres from the border.

The shell, coming from the North East, did not explode, which is fortunate as it was only 50 metres from the home of Ahmad Mohammad Nahar Khaz’ali.

The GPS of the location was 32.57502, 36.0368.


The field in which the mortar fell – many such mortars may have fallen in fields in the surrounding agricultural land around the Syrian border.

This was one of many mortar rounds that have been said, by locals, to have hit open ground in the area.  However as many of these sites were not recorded or only responded to by authorities who would not go on the record as to the exact location of the site of impact, only those corroborated are shown in these case studies.

However, the lack of fatalities and injuries in these explosions testifies to the repeated fact that Action on Armed Violence has highlighted in its reports – that when explosive weapons are used in lesser populated areas the risk to civilian lives is less.  Despite this truth, though, this mortar strike also clearly illustrates just how inaccurate mortar strikes have been in the area.


Ahmad Mohammad Nahar Khaz’ali – two mortars hit his property in 2015 alone.