An Anatomy of a Mortar Strike

Jordan mortar attacks – case study 6 – Faleh Al-Bashabsheh

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.06.54On the 15 March, 2015 a mortar hit the field of Faleh Al-Bashabsheh. There were no injuries and no financial costs were incurred from the impact of the strike.

This field lies about 2.1 kilometres from the Syrian border.

The GPS is 32.59341, 36.00808

Corroboratory stories

Faleh Al-Bashabsheh crowds

Crowds gathered at the site of the attack after it happened.

Faleh Al-Bashabsheh mortar hole

Close up of inside the mortar crater.

Faleh Al-Bashabsheh. depth of hole

Men clamber into the hole

Faleh Al-Bashabsheh.

Faleh Al-Bashabsheh’s land today – the site of where the mortar landed.