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Jordan mortar attacks – case study 7 – Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 16.25.18At 2.30 in the morning of the 25th July, 2015, a mortar struck the top floor of the home of Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek. Coming from the North East it pass through the home and exited to the South West. The authorities identified it as a 120mm mortar, but it did not explode, instead splitting it into three pieces. One staying in the home, one spinning off 100 metres to the south west and one flying west to land at a school 100 metres away. The building’s masonry was also flung far and wide and the owner of the home is adamant that had anyone been present in the roof top room at the time there would have been severe casualties.

The GPS is 32.63788, 35.99086.

The home is about 3.5 km from the Syrian border.

Corroboratory sources

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek damage

The exterior damage to Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek’s house

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek direction of mortar

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek points in the direction from which the mortar ricocheted out of the house towards a nearby school

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek outside

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek’s house – an outside view. The damage is now largely repaired.

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek shrapnel fragments

Shrapnel fragments photographed at the time by Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek shrapnel

More shrapnel from the round that struck Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek’s home.

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek

Mohammed Fala Al-Hayek outside his house.