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Jordan mortar attacks – case study 8 – Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 16.19.01At 12.51 pm on the 13th March, 2014 a rocket struck the garden of the home of Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen.

The explosive round hit an outer wall and damaged it and a surrounding fence. There were no casualties.

The home is about 3km from the Syrian border.

The GPS of the home is 32.63872, 35.99555.

Corroboratory sources

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen damage

Damage caused by the rocket on the fence of Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen’s garden.

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen house

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen house

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen shell

This picture was taken at the time of the impact – it was the rocket that hit Mohammad Ahmad Al-Sukhnuen’s garden.