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National Mine Action Committee (NMAC) (Yemen)

nmacLocation: Yemen

Type: Military

NMAC’s aim is to make Yemen free from the negative humanitarian and economic effects of landmines, and works to ensures:

  • At the community level, mine accidents are eliminated or reduced to a negligible rate.
  • At the national level, no significant economic activity or development project prevented by the presence of landmines or UXO.
  • The effects of mines and UXO reduced by clearance of the most dangerous areas, and a Mine Awareness and Marking program that will minimize the danger in other areas until clearance can be accomplished.

The NMAC is responsible for training miners, even operating its own National Demining Training Center (NDTC).

The Regional Technical Executive Unit of NMAC, is responsible for overseeing the Yemeni Humanitarian Demining Program. It ensures that they are performing the full range of demining and demining-related activities correctly and efficiently.

The Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC), under the NMAC was set up in 1999. YEMAC acts as the coordination and implementation body that executes a full range of mine action projects.

The Government provided approximately 1,000 military personnel as deminers and other operational staff in support of mine action activities nationwide.

It is said that this commitment has been and will continue to be a key element in establishing and fostering partnership and cooperation with UNDP and donor countries.

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