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Palestinian Mine Action Center

Location: Ramallah, West Bank

Type: Military

The Palestinian Mine Action Center (PMAC) was established by the Palestinian Authority in February 2012 to coordinate mine action in the West Bank.

They receive technical advice from UNMAS. PMAC has set up subcommittees to tackle the varied areas of concern such as risk education, technical issues, and legal affairs.

UNMAS provided training to a team of 30 in demining, though they lack appropriate equipment – the Civil Police EOD unit conduct rapid response to locate and remove items of UXO.

PMAC has conducted surveys, with the aid of HALO Trust and identified contaminated areas. Though areas have been identified, PMAC does not have the authorization from Israel to conduct or oversee mine clearance operations. The only allowed so far, has been that of HALO, who work in coordination with both PMAC and the INMAA, and whose work is monitored by 4CI Security, as contracted by the INMAA.

PMAC received US$171,000 from New Zealand.