Explosive violence in SyriaExplosive violence by the Syrian armed forces

Regime shelling kills and injures over 250 in Aleppo, Syria

taken-eastern-aleppoOn Tuesday, December 8th 2016, at least 53 civilians were killed in regime shelling in Aleppo. 200 were also reported to be injured.

The recent efforts by the Syrian regime has seen them retake about 75% of eastern Aleppo. Many civilians have been killed in this process, most of them as they flee the violence.

Only last Wednesday, November 30th, were 45 civilians killed by regime shelling as they tried to leave the areas under attack. Most killed were women and children.

Air strikes have also continued to kill civilians in Aleppo as well as in Idlib.

Between January and October 2016, AOAV has recorded almost 11,000 civilian deaths and injuries from explosive violence in Syria. This demonstrates a 52% rise in civilian deaths and injuries compared to the same period last year.

Aleppo has been the most impacted region according to civilian deaths and injuries. Over half of civilian deaths and injuries from explosive violence across Syria have been recorded in Aleppo. In fact, Aleppo has experienced more deaths and injuries than any country this year, other than the one it is located in.

AOAV condemns the use of violence against civilians and encourages states to refrain from the use of explosive violence in populated areas due to the high threat they pose to civilians. The situation in Syria is horrific; the international community should seek to urgently address the situation and the needs of the civilians who remain at risk and those who have been displaced.

For more information on the impact of explosive weapon use in populated areas, please read our report Wide Area Impact.