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Trends and patterns

AOAV’s Explosive Violence Monitor has recorded a total of 4,303 deaths and injuries in Somalia from explosive violence in the last five years (2011-2015).

Of the total deaths and injuries recorded over the last five years, civilians have accounted for 72% (3,077). This heavy civilian toll reflects the amount of explosive violence that has been committed in populated areas, with 96% of all civilian deaths and injuries taking place in populated areas.

2016 Explosive Violence update

So far this year (January – September), at least 1,164 have been killed and injured by explosive violence in Somalia. Of these deaths and injuries, at least 56% (657) were civilians. Compared to the same period last year, this indicates a 63% rise in civilian death and injuries from explosive violence.

Civilian deaths and injuries from IED attacks account for 74% of the total civilian toll from explosive violence. Where a perpetrator has been identified, al Shabaab has committed all IED attacks in Somalia.

somalia-explosive-violence-2011-2015-deaths-and-injuries-in-pop-areasAirstrikes targeting al Shabaab militants have also caused the deaths of at least 10 civilains and 32 local forces members. The airstrikes targeting al Shabaab have predominantly been conducted by the US but also Kenya.

When explosive violence has been used in populated areas, civilians account for 91% of all deaths and injuries. Commercial premises, hotels, markets and public buildings have been the most impacted populated areas.

Suicide attacks account for 15 of the 29 IED attacks recorded in this period. These caused 67% of civilian deaths and injuries from IED attacks.



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So far this year (Jan. – Sep.), at least 1,164 have been killed and injured by explosive violence in #Somalia.



4,303 deaths and injuries in #Somalia from explosive violence in the last five years (2011-2015).