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Baghdad car bomb kills at least 48

At least 48 people have been killed in Baghdad in the third blast in the Iraqi capital in three days. A car packed with explosives blew up in the Shia area of Bayaa in the south of the city on the 16 February, 2017.  More than 50 people were injured. The Islamic State (IS) group claimed the attack, saying it targeted “a gathering of Shias”.

At least 24 people were killed in other attacks on Tuesday and Wednesday.


It was reported that the bomb was detonated in a busy street and was the deadliest attack in Baghdad for several months. The attack was on a car dealership – It is believed that that car dealerships may present convenient targets because it is easy for vehicles laden with explosives to remain innocuous alongside other cars in the area. On Wednesday, an attack on used-car dealers in the Habibya area of Sadr City, a suburb in the north of the Iraqi capital, left 18 dead.

The IS group has stepped up its attacks since the Iraqi army, aided by US-led coalition strikes, launched its campaign to dislodge the Sunni militant group from its stronghold of Mosul in the north four months ago.