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Video – The Refugee Explosion

The whole report, The Refugee Explosion, can be found here. Whilst the report introduction and methodology can be seen here. The key findings can be viewed here. The report overview of explosive violence and refugees can be read here, as well as on refugee destinations, here, asylum law in Europe, here, and political and economic developments, here.  AOAV’s country findings for Germany, the UK, and Greece can be found here, here, and here, respectively. For the report’s overall findings please click here, or for AOAV’s resulting recommendations here. To read some of the interviews from refugees AOAV spoke to please see here.

This video highlights the key findings from AOAV’s report, The Refugee Explosion, which investigates Europe’s treatment of refugees fleeing explosive violence.

Researchers from AOAV interviewed over 250 refugees across three countries in Europe: Germany, Greece and the UK. The report found that 85% of the refugees interviewed across Europe had witnessed explosive violence in their home country. Despite this, only 20% of refugees had ever been offered psychological support in Europe.

It is clear that the often-overwhelming numbers of refugees coming into Europe are largely doing so because they are fleeing explosive violence, and that this fact has not been fully realised by many European governments.