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AOAV’s latest data on civilian harm from explosive weapons cited in The Guardian

The latest data on the civilian harm from explosive weapons from Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) was published in The Guardian today, January 11th 2019. The article, ‘Afghanistan bucks global trend with sharp rise in civilian casualties’, can be read here.

The article highlights key patterns and trends, as well as AOAV’s key findings on explosive violence in 2018.

Data is from AOAV’s Explosive Violence Monitor, which records global deaths and injuries from explosive violence, as reported in English language news sources.

Key findings from 2018 include:

  • AOAV recorded 32,102 deaths and injuries by explosive weapons in 3,459 incidents in 2018. Of these, 22,335 were civilians – 70%.
  • When explosive weapons were used in populated areas, 90% of those killed and injured were civilians. This compares to 20% in other areas.
  • Civilian deaths and injuries in populated areas represented 91% of all reported civilian deaths and injuries.
  • Overall, reported casualties from explosive violence are decreasing, with a 30% fall in civilian casualties.
  • Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan saw the highest number of civilian deaths and injuries in 2018.
  • Seven countries and territories saw over 500 civilian deaths and injuries in 2018.
  • Syria saw over 12,000 deaths and injuries – of which 80% were civilians.
  • Some of the most impacted countries saw a significant rise in civilian deaths and injuries as a result of explosive weapons compared to the year before: Afghanistan (37%); Yemen (8%); India (21%); and Libya (140%).
  • Incidents were recorded in 64 countries and territories around the world; five more than in 2017.