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Artillery shelling on Libya’s capital kills five and wounds many more

On May 6th 2020, artillery shelling killed at least five civilians and wounded 46, when the shells struck across the neighbourhoods of Tajoura and Abu Salim in Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

The shelling was said to have been carried out by Libya’s eastern-based forces.

Among the injured were children and paramedics.

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) records casualties (i.e. people killed and injured) from explosive violence around the world as reported in English-language news sources.

Last year, AOAV recorded at least 906 civilian casualties in Libya caused by explosive weapons, across 125 incidents of explosive violence.

Airstrikes were responsible for 72% (649) of civilian casualties, while ground-launched explosives caused 19% (169), and IEDs 8%.

Where a perpetrator was identified, Libya’s eastern-based forces were identified as responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties, 87%.

AOAV condemns the use of violence against civilians and the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. AOAV encourages all armed actors to stop using explosive weapons with wide-area affects where there is likely to be a high concentration of civilians.