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AOAV’s report on UK compensation payments for civilian deaths in Afghanistan garners global coverage

Action on Armed Violence’s report on the British forces compensation payments for the deaths of at least 289 civilians in Afghanistan, including as many as 86 children, garnered global coverage.

The report, authored by Murray Jones, which showed fighting by British service personnel in Afghanistan led to financial settlements for at least 289 civilian deaths across 189 incidents between 2006 to 2013, was cited by over five dozen media outlets globally.

The coverage focused on AOAV’s data on Ministry of Defence (MOD) payouts for Afghans killed, included as many as seven dozen children. Overall, £688,000 was paid out by the British military for 289 deaths, meaning the average compensation for a civilian killed was £2,380. Although some of these payouts were combined with injuries and property damage, meaning this average is somewhat inflated. 

Guardian: Revealed: UK forces linked to deaths of nearly 300 Afghan civilians 

BBC: Afghanistan war: UK’s lowest payout for civilian death was £104.17 

Daily Mail: UK Government paid compensation for nearly 300 civilian deaths in Afghanistan at an average of £2,380 per family, analysis shows 

The Daily Telegraph: MoD pays compensation for 300 Afghan civilian deaths, including children as young as three  

Sky News: Afghanistan: UK paid out for 289 civilian deaths, analysis shows – with one family getting just £104

Other reports came from Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Russian, Turkish, French and Vietnamese outlets, among others.

The original report can be seen here.