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At least 10 Killed and 47 Injured in Attack on Borno Capital, Nigeria

At least 10 people have been killed and 47 others have been injured in brutal Rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks on residential areas of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital in northeast Nigeria, late on Tuesday.

The governor of the state, Babagana Zalum, confirmed the incident.

Although figures vary, there are reports that casualties are rising – with up to 16 dead and over 60 injured. A local media outlet has stated that among the dead are nine young boys, who were playing football in a playground when the attacks hit. Four of the boys were killed instantly, while the other five later died from their injuries.  

Although they have not claimed resposibility, Boko Haram are widely believed to be responsible for these attacks. Boko Haram has previously made incursions into Maiduguri, using heavy guns and suicide bombers.

Among recent attacks, residents of Maiduguri have been struggling with a power blackout, after jihadis blew up supply lines, causing water shortages and disrupting daily life.

AOAV recorded 297 casualties from incidents of explosive violence in Nigeria last year, 140 of which were civilian. Of these civilian casualties, 10 were children and 3 were women. It should be noted that, although AOAV does its best to record casualties of explosive violence using English-language media sources, the actual casualty figures are likely to be far higher.

AOAV strongly condemns the attack in Maiduguri and urgently calls for states to collaborate to address the threat of explosive violence. The use of explosive weaponry in populated areas has far reaching implications and preventative measures must be implemented to reduce the serious impact on civilians.