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After The Bombing Podcast, Episode 2: the impact of bombs on the human body

When explosive weapons are used in populated areas their effects tend to be indiscriminate, with a staggering proportion of death and injuries inflicted on civilians. Such use frequently causes high levels of immediate and long-term harm to individuals and communities. This series deals with the long-term and knock on effects, also referred to as reverberating effects, from bombing and shelling in towns, cities and other populated areas.

People living through situations of armed conflict often witness the use of explosive weapons and their horrific consequences when used in towns, cities, and other populated areas. In this episode, Article 36 speaks to a survivor in northern Iraq who fled the war in Ras Al-Ain in northern-east Syria, about her experiences and trauma during and after attacks on her hometown. INEW gains insight from Professor Edgar Jones of King’s College London who specialises in the psychological impact of modern war and conflict and Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta, an Advocacy Manager at Humanity and Inclusion who works with people impacted by bombing.


  • Professor Edgar Jones of King’s College London
  • Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta of Humanity and Inclusion
  • Interviews with survivors by Anna De Courcy Wheeler and Elizabeth Minor of Article 36
  • Uldduz Sohrabi of Article 36, writer & narrator
  • Asmaa Abdel Latif, voice over actress for Ameena’s testimony