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At Least Four Killed and Seven Injured in Al Shabaab Suicide Attack at Site of Upcoming Somali Presidential Elections

At least four people were killed and seven injured in a suicide attack near Mogadishu airport, on Wednesday 11 May 2022. Two security personnel are amongst the dead. The attack took place at the site of Somalia’s upcoming presidential election, which is to be held on Sunday. 

The attacker reportedly targeted vehicles parked at the checkpoint, blowing himself up as presidential candidates were heading into the airport to address lawmakers. None of the candidates or state officials was injured, but two of Wartanabada DC Zeynab Habsey’s bodyguards were killed. The attack also destroyed a number of small businesses near the blast site. 

The Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack. They are opposed to Somalia’s federal government and have been fighting the Somali government and African Union Transition Mission since 2007.

In 2022, AOAV has recorded 17 incidents of explosive violence in Somalia attributed to Al Shabaab, which have caused a reported 336 civilian casualties (113 killed, 223 injured). Of these 17 attacks, eight were reported as suicide attacks, and they caused a reported 278 civilian casualties (88 killed, 190 injured).

In total, AOAV has recorded 346 incidents of explosive violence in Somalia attributed to Al Shabaab since 2010, and 4, 612 civilian casualties (1, 649 killed, 2, 963 injured). 39% (134) of those attacks were suicide attacks, and they caused 63% (2, 916) of civilian casualties (1, 031 killed and 1, 885 injured).

Since 2010, AOAV has recorded 1, 019 incidents of explosive weapons use in Somalia, resulting in a reported 8, 952 civilian casualties (3, 465 killed and 5, 460 injured). 55% (560) of these incidents have been attributed to non-state actors, while 22% have been attributed to state actors. 

Globally, AOAV has recorded 385 incidents of explosive violence attributed to Al Shabaab since 2010, 346 in Somalia and 39 in Kenya, which have resulted in a reported 4, 681 civilian casualties (1, 681 killed, 3000 injured).