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Control Arms UK (including AOAV) submits recommendations to the UK’s Committees on Control Arms Export (CAEC)

The Control Arms UK coalition – of which Action on Armed Violence is a member – has submitted evidence and recommendations to the UK government’s Control Arms Export Committee (CAEC).

These recommendations are:

  • The government should consult with external stakeholders regarding the new export control rules with a view to possible amendment within a year. Any future major review of export control trade policy should include a mechanism for meaningful external consultation.
  • The government should, following external consultation, issue guidance regarding the definition and implementation of the term ‘facilitation’.
  • The changes that weaken former decision-making thresholds or that limit parliamentary or judicial oversight should be reversed.
  • The government should not apply a balancing approach for criteria 3 (preservation of internal peace and security) or 4 (preservation of peace and security) but should instead reinstate the ‘clear risk’ threshold test, inter alia as it is clearly in the UK’s national interest to maintain a high degree of convergence and cooperation with the EU in these areas and not seek to diverge from their approach or terminology.
  • The government should clearly define the humanitarian impacts or purposes for which arms or equipment could be supplied, and ensure that these never put at risk the integrity and impartiality of aid workers or the delivery of humanitarian aid or assistance.
  • The section following the Strategic Export Licensing Criteria, titled ‘other factors’, should be redrafted in more inclusive terms, so as to broaden the government’s scope for refusing licences on the basis of valid but potentially unforeseen circumstances.

The full recommendations can be read here.