UK Special Forces

AOAV welcomes Ministry of Defence proposal for a judge-led review into allegations of SAS extra-judicial killings in Afghanistan

Following AOAV and BBC Panorama’s report on 54 suspicious killings carried out by one SAS unit in Afghanistan in 2010/11, the MOD has proposed an independent review of the way they handled the allegations, to be led by a senior judge.

While the proposed review’s scope is limited to examining the way the allegations were handled, rather than the killings themselves, AOAV welcomes this step towards improved transparency and accountability for UK Special Forces operations.

AOAV’s report revealed a deeply flawed investigative process led by the Royal Military Police, riddled with obstructions orchestrated at the highest levels despite “highly questionable, if not actually implausible” explanations provided for the suspicious killings.

The proposed independent review will examine those issues behind the way the allegations were handled, hopefully drawing out the important lessons which should be learnt from these horrific crimes and the systematic way they were covered up.