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“This should be seen as an atmosphere of violence” – AirPressure reveals the extent of Israeli incursions over Lebanon skies

Research published this Thursday reveals exactly how pervasive the presence of Israeli jets and surveillance drones has been over the skies of Lebanon: over the last 15 years, new organisation AirPressure has recorded 22, 111 Israeli military aircraft violating Lebanese airspace.

AirPressure has developed a comprehensive, searchable database of Israeli aircraft flights over Lebanon, to try and address the state of precarity that residents live in. The potential of aerial bombardment is a daily threat, and studies compiled by the organisation have shown that regular exposure to overflights by warplanes takes a severe toll on civilians. Acute physiological effects of aircraft noise include symptoms from hypertension to diminished blood circulation and psychosomatic pains.

Air-launched weapons carry out violence on civilians even when their explosive loads are not deployed. Residents of Lebanon have been living in an atmosphere of explosive violence for 15 years.