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AOAV report on UK Special Forces Global Operations receives extensive global media coverage

AOAV’s recent report on UK Special Forces’ covert operations in multiple countries since 2011 has garnered significant attention from media outlets worldwide. The report has been cited in a total of 82 media outlets, including 25 English-speaking and 57 non-English-speaking sources.

The report’s coverage extended far beyond the UK, reaching 27 countries across different continents. In the Middle East, media outlets in Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Palestine highlighted the revelations. European coverage included outlets in France, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Moldova, Greece, and the Netherlands. American coverage came from the United States, Brazil, and Canada. Asian media outlets in Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan also reported on the findings, while Nigeria represented African coverage.

Among the English-speaking media outlets, several prominent publications in the UK covered the report, including The Guardian, Evening Standard, and Yahoo UK. In the United States, media outlets such as Just Security, Sahara Reporters, and The North Africa Journal also featured the report. Indian news platforms, including News Desk,, and Wionews, highlighted the revelations. The report also garnered attention from Canadian media outlet Ground News.

Non-English-speaking media outlets across Europe and the Middle East extensively covered the report’s findings. Outlets in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Moldova, Greece, and the Netherlands provided coverage. In the Middle East, media outlets in Turkey, Iran, and Palestine reported on the report’s revelations.

The widespread coverage of AOAV’s report demonstrates its global significance and highlights the growing interest in the activities of UK Special Forces. The report has sparked discussions on state terrorism, with academics and experts like Tim Anderson, Director of the Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies, sharing their perspectives on social media platforms such as Twitter.

AOAV’s report serves as an important contribution to the ongoing dialogue surrounding covert military operations and their impact on global conflicts.

Dr. Iain Overton, Executive Director of AOAV, responded to the extensive global media coverage by stating, “We are encouraged to see the wide-reaching impact of our report on UK Special Forces’ global operations. The attention it has received underscores the need for transparency and accountability in military interventions. Our findings provide valuable insights into the extent and implications of covert operations, sparking important discussions on the role of state actors in armed conflicts worldwide.”


English-speaking media outlets

Non-English-speaking media outlets