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AOAV’s academic citations

Action on Armed Violence’s research is widely cited in academic publications. Below is a list of 300+ citations since 2018. The contents of these papers predominantly addresses the complexities of armed conflicts and terrorism, with a keen focus on regions like the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Those authors that cite AOAV’s work often extensively examine the causes, nature, and evolution of conflicts, highlighting the roles of non-state actors such as Boko Haram and the Taliban. A significant portion of the literature delves into the strategic use and devastating impacts of explosive weapons in populated areas, including IEDs, drone warfare, and aerial bombardments. The humanitarian crises ensuing from these conflicts also receive substantial attention, discussing direct civilian impacts like displacement, casualties, and socio-economic disruptions. Legal implications are also explored, particularly in the context of international humanitarian law and its application in these conflict zones. Additionally, the technological and military dimensions of modern warfare, including the deployment of advanced military technologies, and AOAV’s work is cited alongside commentaries on these technologies’ strategic implications and challenges to legal frameworks. The societal impact on affected populations, encompassing ethnic and political conflicts and the role of media in conflict perception, is another key area of focus. Lastly, the literature reviews various responses to these challenges, including counter-terrorism strategies, peacekeeping efforts, and the involvement of international organisations in conflict resolution and humanitarian aid.