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AOAV’s Executive Director, Dr Iain Overton, talks to BBC News about the bombing Gaza and the impact of the violence on people living with disabilities there

On the 6th November, 2023, Dr Iain Overton, AOAV’s Executive Director, appeared on BBC News to discuss his work with the Birmingham University-led project ‘Disability Under Siege’. He was invited onto the news channel after tweeting: “I was supposed to be part of a graduation ceremony in Gaza today for students living with disabilities completing a course on storytelling. The University now lies in rubble, the students are uncontactable and at least one of my fellow lecturers has lost 9 members of his family.”

His tweet was viewed more than half a million times. The interview can be viewed here:

In 2023, AOAV has been part of a project led by the Islamic University of Gaza called ‘Voices Of Gaza’. We taught a group of students living with disabilities in the art of online storytelling, with an eye towards getting them, in turn, to train other students. Many of the students had visual impairment challenges and other physical disabilities, some caused by the decades-long conflicts in Gaza.

At the time of the interview, only one of those students could be contacted AOAV.